Who are we.

Moldova Stores is a company established in 2009 with 20 stores throughout Ireland, Two stores in France and around 100 employees , which sells mainly Eastern European products of the highest quality, but, don’t be surprised to see sweet watermelons from Spain or sausages made in Germany. We provide our customers with the best foodstuff, drinks and all your daily necessities from over 90 suppliers in the Netherlands, Germany, Romania, Ireland, Lithuania, Spain, Slovakia and so on. We choose the most trusted, liked and well-known brands and always try to expand our range to meet our customers’ expectations, which makes for a selection of more than 10,000 products. This requires us to be strictly organised. We keep our two warehouses in top condition and our staff works around the clock to complete the orders. Our deliveries are made on time and we spare no effort to satisfy our customers. Moldova LTD has an average of 50, 000 customers each week , with 33% being Irish, 15% being Romanian and 9% being German, we have customers from all over the world. We strive to promote food from Eastern European countries and encourage others to try the traditional food and get a taste of the culture from one bite. We take pride in our fresh and versatile meat and quality dairy, as well as our natural, unprocessed fruits and garden-fresh vegetables for a really good price. We have a wide range of beverages ranging from tea, coffee, juice and nectar to the best off licence available. Don’t rely on marketing; rely on quality. We believe good products promote themselves and we aim to become a business recognized for affordability, variety and calibre. We treasure our customers and hope to bring forth the finest service imaginable. But, hey as it is well said, one image is worth a thousand words.
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